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Soiltabs - Energy to grow

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Any grower worth his - or her - salt knows how vulnerable young plants can be, and will want to lavish care and attention on them. That's why we've invented a revolutionary new aid for cannabis cultivation: Soiltabs! These 100% organic tabs will ensure that your plants get the best possible start.

Soiltabs provide a constant supply of nutrients to your seedlings and cuttings in the first six weeks of growth, which helps them develop into strapping, vigorous plants. A choice blend of bacteria and humic acids stabilises the soil's pH value, creating an ideal hatchery for your delicate seedlings. Soiltabs are suitable for improving any type of soil. They have a nitrogen-phosphate-potassium ratio of 14-6-6. One packet of Soiltabs contains 10 tablets.

Soiltabs are exceedingly easy to use. You'll find a step-by-step explanation under "How it works". What more can we say? Order them now!

TIP: Combine Soiltabs with our Germination Kit for even better results! This kit helps your valuable seeds germinate quickly and safely.

Top five reasons to use Soiltabs:

  • Soiltabs stimulate and speed up new root growth.
  • Soiltabs will not damage or scorch roots.
  • Soiltabs infuse plants with fortitude and vitality.
  • Soiltabs are easy to use.
  • Soiltabs are made from 100% organic ingredients.

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